Sunday, March 8, 2009

If You Have: small waist wide hips

Look for gowns with a higher waist line so that the emphasis of your body is at the smallest point of your torso; right under or at your diaphragm.  
Another look that will suit your beautiful body is a mermaid, trumpet, or modified mermaid silhouette; this emphasizes your curves and creates an even smaller waist.
*These types of garments are also great for shorter girls 5'4 and under
Undergarments are extremely important! Check out my first post on this blog for tips!
Here is the link: day-of undergarments

The Serena gives the illusion of a higher waistline by shortening the bust and having the waist band sash start right under the bust.

The Adelia has wonderful texture that pours out right at the knee and flows away from the body but gives the illusion of a longer torso and smaller waist.

Vera's gown has a sexy mermaid shape with Scarlett O'Hara french ruching at the bottom.  The bust is shortened with that same ruching.

These are dont's:
This will place the emphasis on your hips, which is the largest part of your body, because the seam of the skirt starts from your hips and extends out.
Anything with a natural waist and a bit lower will do this to you. 

Even though this gown has a mermaid silhouette the embroidered beading ends at natural waist and depending on how big of a difference there is between your waist and hips it can either do the job or not, if you really like this gown it is best to just try it on to make sure.


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