Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Alterations Process at The Dress Doctor

My mother and I do all of the fittings at our boutique in The Water Tower Place. If you have any question please contact us at (312) 943-2828 or e-mail us at doctors@dressdoctor.com and I will probably be the one responding to your e-mail.

Alterations with us are very custom and for bridal usually take four fittings. At your first fitting or consultation we will have you tell us how you expect to look in your gown and we will explain how it can be done. We usually start with the bodice, or top, of your gown checking to make sure that it fits properly. If it does then we will go to your hem and bustle. If it doesn't we will fit it properly then have you try it on again for your next fitting and then go to the hem. It is usually okay to have your exact shoes by your second appointment or shoes that are of exact height.

Your first appointment or consultation is free and you will be given a receipt of exactly how much your alterations will cost and there is no obligation.

At your first appointment if you do wish to work with us we like to take a 50% deposit, we take all major credit cards and checks. We also like to schedule all of your other appointments (because we fill up quickly) so be prepared to bring your calendar.

Alterations can range between $300-$700 or higher depending on what you need done, and again your total price will be given to you at your first appointment. If you need your gown in one week or less we charge a rush fee of double, if you need your gown in 2-3 weeks we charge a rush fee of time and a half ex: $450 is your cost of alteration plus $225 for rush fee your TOTAL comes to $675 (we do not charge tax on labor only on fabric, nail polish, bras etc..)

Custom designs start at $800 and go up NOT including fabric. For custom projects you can either bring in a picture or sketch or tells us an idea you have and we can create it for you. We have fine fabric swatches in house for you to custom order from or we can tell you how much fabric you need if you'd like to purchase it yourself.

We carry bustiers and strapless bras from Felina that can be purchased through us, or during your consultation we can let you know what undergarments work best with your garment.

We also carry a nice line of costume jewelry by an online company called Mariell
(trust me their pieces are amazing in person and look like they cost a fortune!)

We also work with a custom jewelry designer Ani Afshar who creates pieces inspired by you!

My mother has been creating custom garments for over 25 years and has been written up in Vogue Magazine for being the "Best Copy Cat" in chicago. We work exclusively with Belle Vie Bridal Couture and Vera Wang Chicago (which I highly reccomend!) and will soon be launching a line of Mother of the bride/groom gowns under my label Giselle. Belle Vie is a wonderful place to purchase your gowns and accessories.

Please stop by to see our boutique located on the 9th floor executive suites of The Water Tower Place, we do work by appointment only and are closed Wednesdays and Sundays, but if you'd like to come by and take a look that is not a problem at all! See you soon!

You are more than welcome to bring along anyone you'd like, your mother, aunt, sisters, etc.. also if you have accesories that you'd like to try on with your gown please bring them along, (we can also put items like your shoes or bra on hold for you so you don't have to bring them back and forth) these appointments are for you and your big day, do whatever makes you happy! And please feel free to come in to try on your gown between appointments for your family and friends if they can't make it to your fittings. We are here for you.