Sunday, August 9, 2009

Carasco Photography

Im working with a photography company called Carasco on a Chicago Social ad for the anniversary fall issue, here is their blog with photos from the model fitting for the up coming shoot this week. Carasco BLOG


Bridesmaids, if you are looking to come to The Dress Doctor for alterations please note that alterations for your dresses start at $60 and go up from there, so if it is a special dress or one that needs complicated work and one that you feel is a good investment piece that you would wear again or have "cock-tailed" then come on in! If it's a dress that you aren't too fond of and really just don't want it to fall off during the ceremony then come in for a price quote to see if you think it's worth it, we will also let you know if it's worth it as well!


Newbark VS. TOMS

I have been a fan of TOMS shoes based out of L.A 1) because of their humanitarian concept, 2) because they are always designing with new colors and prints and styles, 3) you can go on shoe drops with them!

Now there is a new company Newbark who is creating similar shoes that cost 7 times as much and do not even give to anything! The shoe looks exactly like a TOMS but it is thinner and is probably made of calf leather. These shoes are "inspired by a Moroccan shoe" but they look like the leather shoes Muslims wear after Wudu or body cleansing with water to keep their feet clean for prayer which can be purchased for about $10-20.