Monday, March 2, 2009

Day Of Jitters

-Make sure not to drink too much caffein (especially coffee) for the big day.  Or what some girls tend to do is drink TOO much the night before during their rehearsal dinner; don't do that either!  You won't be able to enjoy your day and will be constantly having to use the lavatory!  
-Hydrate yourself with plenty of water or Gatorade (preferrably one that is colorless to prevent stains) like Propel which is under the Gatorade company as well.  
-Eat something ladies, please!! Have a snack like a PB&J sandwich with multigrain bread or raw green beans with Triscuits and mozerella string cheese, nothing with garlic you do not want bad breath or anything too potent coming out of your pores! Always finish a snack with yellow or green apple slices to help neutralize bad breath.  
-For indigestion either chew on some mint gum or bite into a fresh mint leaf (if you're at a hotel the kitchen usually garnishes something with mint) or small slice of fresh ginger, placing the piece in the far back of your mouth underneath your molars and allowing the flavor to slide down your throat.  Mint and Ginger quickly ease indigestion and also help with the process.   
-If you feel a panic attack coming along; close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly and deeply ten times either in your palms or in a paper bag, each interval of breath taking eight seconds.  Then clasp your hands together behind you and push up your chest so that your sternum is reaching for the ceiling, this should cause you to yawn which will allow for more oxygen to your brain which should help relax you for your big day!


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